Utility Belt


All equipment costs 1 point to purchase, unless otherwise noted.

Item Description
Utility Belt A common piece of equipment for crime fighters and espionage agents is the utility belt (or bag, pouch, backpack, etc): a collection of useful tools and equipment in a compact carrying case. A utility belt is an array of Alternate Equipment. Some characters may have a Removable array of devices instead, allowing for far more unusual effects than run-of-the-mill equipment.

Note that equipment with a cost of 1 equipment point doesn’t really need to be acquired as Alternate Equipment, since there’s no change in cost. Still, heroes often have 1-point items in their utility belts, like flashlights, rebreaters and so forth.

By spending hero points you can temporarily add Alternate Equipment to your utility belt, for those one-time items you may need in a pinch.
    Color Key
  • Green colored items are available to civilians.
  • Brown colored items are available to retired military personel.
  • Red colored items are available to active duty military personel.

SOP Manual

Utility Belt

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