Surveillance Gear


All equipment costs 1 point to purchase, unless otherwise noted.

Item Description
Binoculars Standard binoculars allow the user to make visual Perception checks at a greater distance, or with a reduced penalty for distance, effectively providing a +5 equipment bonus that overcomes some or all of the distance penalty.
Concealable Microphone A tiny receiver usable as a listening device. It has a broadcast range of about a mile. It requires an Investigation or Perception check against the results of the Sleight of Hand check used to conceal the microphone to find it.
Mini-Tracer A tiny radio transmitter with an adhesive backing. It requires a successful check to plant a tracer on a target (Sleight of Hand check to plant it outside of action time). Noticing the tracer is a DC 20 Perception check or the result of the character’s Sleight of Hand check, whichever is higher. The tracer has a transmission range of about 2 miles.
Night Vision Goggles Night vision goggles use passive light gathering to improve vision in near-dark conditions. They grant the user darkvision – but because of the restricted field of view and lack of depth perception these goggles provide, they impose a -2 circumstance penalty on Perception checks made while wearing them. Night vision goggles must have at least a little light to operate. A cloudy night provides sufficient ambient light, but a pitchblack cave or a sealed room doesn’t. For situations of total darkness, the goggles come with an infrared illuminator that, when switched on, operates like a flashlight visible only to the wearer (or anyone else with IR vision).
Parabolic Microphone This apparatus has a gun-like microphone with an attached set of headphones. A parabolic mike provides a +5 equipment bonus to listening Perception checks that overcomes some of all of the penalty for listening to sounds at a distance, through walls, etc.
    Color Key
  • Green colored items are available to civilians.
  • Brown colored items are available to retired military personel.
  • Red colored items are available to active duty military personel.

SOP Manual

Surveillance Gear

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