Hero Points

Whether it’s luck, talent, or sheer determination, heroes have something setting them apart from everyone else, allowing them to perform amazing feats under the most difficult circumstances. In DC Adventures that “something” is hero points. Spending a hero point can make the difference between success and failure in the game. When you’re entrusted with the safety of the world, that means a lot!

Hero points allow players to “edit” the plot of the adventure and the rules of the game to a degree. They give heroes the ability to do the amazing things heroes do in the comics, but with certain limits, and they encourage player to make the sort of choices heroes do in the comics, in order to get more hero points.

Players start each game session with 1 hero point. During the adventure they get opportunities to earn more hero points. Players can use various tokens (poker chips, glass beads, etc.) to keep track of their hero points, handing them over to the Gamemaster when they spend them. The Gamemaster can likewise give out tokens when awarding hero points to the players.

Unspent hero points don’t carry over to the next adventure; the heroes start out with 1 point again. Use them or lose them! Since hero points are a finite resource, players need to manage them carefully, spending them at the most opportune times and taking chances to earn them through complications. Playing it “safe” tends to eliminate chances of getting more hero points while taking risks, facing complications, and, in general, acting like a hero offers rewards that help the out later on.

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Hero Points

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