Agency Equipment

When requisitioning the use of agency equipment, please fill out the proper paper work. If the equipment is damaged during your use, please be sure to fill out an incident report.

Please do not engage in any illegal activities when using agency equipment. The agency is not responsible for the illegal use of its equipment.

Item Description Number Available
Audio Recorder These tiny digital recorders (about the size of a deck of playing cards) can record up to eight hours of audio and can be connected to a computer to download the digital recording. 2
Camera A digital or film camera for taking still images. Most cameras have a capacity of 24 or 36 images and you can use one in conjunction with the appropriate Expertise skills, such as photography. 2
Cell Phone A small handheld or headset unit for communication. The battery lasts for approximately 24 hours before it needs to be recharged. For an extra point, a phone can have most of the capabilities of a computer, at least with regard to accessing the Internet and providing data. 7
Commlink A tiny button-sized device for radio communication with an effective range of about a mile (longer if patched into the cellular network or a similar network). Many hero (and villain) teams use commlinks. 7
Video Camera A hand-held camera that records video and audio on tape or digitally, with a capacity of about 6 hours of footage. Video cameras cost 2 points, since they effectively double as audio recorders as well. 2
Item Description Number Available
Handcuffs Handcuffs are restraints designed to lock two limbs – normally the wrists – of a prisoner together. They fit any medium or small humanoid. Handcuffs can only be placed on a defenseless or unresisting target. Steel cuffs have Toughness 9 and are DC 20 to escape using Sleight of Hand (or Technology to pick the lock). 3
Item Description Number Available
Binoculars Standard binoculars allow the user to make visual Perception checks at a greater distance, or with a reduced penalty for distance, effectively providing a +5 equipment bonus that overcomes some or all of the distance penalty. 3
Concealable Microphone A tiny receiver usable as a listening device. It has a broadcast range of about a mile. It requires an Investigation or Perception check against the results of the Sleight of Hand check used to conceal the microphone to find it. 3
Mini-Tracer A tiny radio transmitter with an adhesive backing. It requires a successful check to plant a tracer on a target (Sleight of Hand check to plant it outside of action time). Noticing the tracer is a DC 20 Perception check or the result of the character’s Sleight of Hand check, whichever is higher. The tracer has a transmission range of about 2 miles. 5
Night Vision Goggles Night vision goggles use passive light gathering to improve vision in near-dark conditions. They grant the user darkvision – but because of the restricted field of view and lack of depth perception these goggles provide, they impose a -2 circumstance penalty on Perception checks made while wearing them. Night vision goggles must have at least a little light to operate. A cloudy night provides sufficient ambient light, but a pitchblack cave or a sealed room doesn’t. For situations of total darkness, the goggles come with an infrared illuminator that, when switched on, operates like a flashlight visible only to the wearer (or anyone else with IR vision). 3
Parabolic Microphone This apparatus has a gun-like microphone with an attached set of headphones. A parabolic mike provides a +5 equipment bonus to listening Perception checks that overcomes some of all of the penalty for listening to sounds at a distance, through walls, etc. 2
Item Description Number Available
Camo Clothing Clothing in the right camouflage pattern for the environment grants a +5 equipment bonus on Stealth checks in that environment, urban pattern. 7
Flashlight Flashlights negate penalties for darkness within their illuminated areas. The standard flashlight projects a beam 30 feet long and 15 feet across at its end. 7
Multi-tool This device contains several different screwdrivers, a knife blade or two, can opener, bottle opener, file, short ruler, scissors, tweezers and wire cutters. The whole thing unfolds into a handy pair of pliers. A multi-tool can lessen the penalty for making skill checks without the appropriate tools to -2 instead of the normal -5. The tool is useful for certain tasks, as determined by the GM, but may not be useful in all situations. 3
Item Description Number Available
Utility Belt A common piece of equipment for crime fighters and espionage agents is the utility belt (or bag, pouch, backpack, etc): a collection of useful tools and equipment in a compact carrying case. A utility belt is an array of Alternate Equipment. Some characters may have a Removable array of devices instead, allowing for far more unusual effects than run-of-the-mill equipment.

Note that equipment with a cost of 1 equipment point doesn’t really need to be acquired as Alternate Equipment, since there’s no change in cost. Still, heroes often have 1-point items in their utility belts, like flashlights, rebreaters and so forth.

By spending hero points you can temporarily add Alternate Equipment to your utility belt, for those one-time items you may need in a pinch.

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Agency Equipment

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