A New York Nightmare

E1 - S1 A New York Nightmare

The Nightmare Begins

You are all employees of the Weiss Agency, a private detective firm based in Manhattan, owned by the elusive and enigmatic Mr. Weiss. While Mr. Weiss has never been seen in the office by you, you have spoken to him via conference call and he has passed on instructions to you via Trish Fields, his administrative assistant.

This is the world of today, it’s is just like our world, accept, dark things do go bump in the night. Most of the public does not know this fact or if they do, don’t believe it. If you wish, your characters can know about said dark things and can have encountered one or more. Also, your characters can know either how to cast magic spells or have psionic abilities.

When we join our intrepid adventurers, they are currently assigned to provide security for the well known pop star, Kesha Rose Sebert during a concert that she is putting on in the Madison Square Gardens. It is a brisk evening on January 4, 2017. The concern started at 7:30 P.M. and the temperature has been steadily dropping.



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